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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Q&A

Feb 22, 2022

Pregnant and recently pregnant individuals who become infected with the COVID-19 virus are at high risk of requiring extra medical care. JAMA Associate Editor Linda Brubaker, MD, MS, from University of California San Diego discusses the rapidly evolving data around COVID-19 and vaccine effectiveness and safety as it relates to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and fertility with 3 experts in the field: Laura E. Riley, MD, from Weill Cornell Medicine, Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH, from University of California San Diego School of Medicine-Pediatrics, and Denise Jamieson, MD, MPH, from Emory University.

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Conflict of Interest Disclosures:

Dr Chambers reported receiving research funding from Pfizer-BioNTech to study the safety of its COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy.

Dr Jamieson reported no disclosures.

Dr Riley reported receiving compensation from UpToDate for work on several infections disease cards, receiving royalties from Turner Publishing, and serving on an advisory board for Maven. Dr Riley also reported serving on a CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices workgroup on COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine safety and workgroups for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine of COVID-19 vaccination, without compensation.